Cut Me Up

by Full Lush

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From production to the stage, Full Lush delivers with Cut Me Up.. You can expect you'll want to play this one over and over again.


released November 2, 2013

the Full Lush- Vox, lead n acoustic guitars, samples, string and horn arrangments, piano
Andrew Lathrop- Vox, guitars
Mike Tolman- Drums
Amos Hutt- Vox, bass, guitar, samples



all rights reserved


Full Lush Eugene, Oregon

Full Lush delivers with some heavy riffs and melodic tunes to clean up. A power trio, with the Full Lush on guitar, Jeff" Big Tex" Walske on Bass, and Ken Howe on drums.

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Track Name: Spiders
Spider spiders in my head
spider spiders in my bed
spiders spiders, my name's not Fred

spiders spiders in my room
spiders in my living room
spiders spiders, it's just not cool

well they suck and they bite
and theyre coming for you tonight
well they creep and they crawl
I'm seein' shadows on the wall

spiders spiders in my bed
spiders in my freakin' head
spiders spiders,....I'm not dead

spiders spiders in my hair
spiders in my underwear
spiders spiders, i don't care

they go up, they go down
and they're comin' to your town
well they give the only thing i feel
it's the only thing that's real, and i fell, and i feel, and i fell
Track Name: Cut Me Up
So comes a night
We are children
We suffer the joke and the screams

Tonight are we alone?
Do we soak in the chill?

Cut me up

As you feel your hands
Squeezing a life
Against a fence

Scraping out the will
Tiny baby

Cut me up
Track Name: Vlad
Vlad Vlad X2
Got a hairy set of fuckin nadds
Vlad Vlad
He is my shit brown fuckin lad
Vlad Vlad
He's never sad he's always fuckin glad
Vlad Vlad
He's got the farts...the farts that smell so bad now
Vlad Vlad X2
He barks so loud it drives me fuckin mad
Vlad Vlad
He is the dog that wears no fuckin plaid
Vlad Vlad
Is the best friend I ever fuckin had
Vlad Vlad
He's got the farts...the farts that smell so bad now
Vlad Vlad X2
He slobbers so much, more than a fuckin tad
Vlad Vlad
He swims among the fuckin lily pads
Vlad Vlad
He is the dog that is so fuckin rad
Vlad Vlad
He's got the farts...the farts that smell so bad now
Track Name: Push
I got a feeling
Sort of a Hunch
I got a feeling
But i can't punch

Somethin' about you
That won't sit still
Somethin' about it
That i can't kill

Push you down
Pick you up
Push you down
Push you Down
Track Name: Code Red
(*This kinda feels sorta real
you can't sweat the deal
This kinda feels sorta real
you can't sweat the deal

+I'm just dog spent+


+Empty inside+)

Load the guns
Sound the charge
See her eyes
in the cards
Take the shot
6 more times
staring down
13 yards

Cannon blast
Blown away
Fire woman
Burning gaze

Humming and thrumming
I hear the distant drumming
Pounding out the war dance
I see the full moon coming on

(Whoever said he was your freind
whoever said that in the end

+They're just two faced+

It's code red between her heads
that what she said, but she was dead

+Accept your debt+)
Track Name: Human Trashbag
I don't care what people say
I've got all the time in the world
A softened cell
A plastic bag
A morsel of my share

I needed to pick up
and store it all away
The time has come
I'm all fed up and i haven't time today

I'm a human trashbag
I'm a human wastebag
and I don't really want it
So I threw it all away
Track Name: All Brown
All i notice in my head
Painted nails are still red
Scattered bloodstains on the wall
Looks like someone had to fall, and they fall....

I search for feelings to grab my fill
But i can't find my thrill
I'm searching still
A silent scream that hold a dream
Has this gone on too long?
Well so long

I call to you,... is someone there?
No signs of life , an empty chair
I used to know someone that looked like her
There must be someone who cares out there
Track Name: Brains
my brain, your brain, his brain, her brain
on a mother fucking platter!